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Indexing Engine

Retrieving information on a given topic is one of the most important actions in everyday life. While normal books have only a limited index, Coimbra provides a powerful text indexing machine, which gives the user instant access to any word, or term existing in the textbook. You never have to create an index again - just start the indexing machine, and it creates several kinds of indexes automatically.

Coimbra supports three kinds of references to the documents:

  • Table of contents: this is the electronic counterpart of a table of contents. It is organized hierarchically, and can be folded and unfolded according to the user's needs. An unlimited number of levels are supported.
  • Authorized keywords: this is similar to a conventional index of a book. Keywords, and phrases are provided by the author of the text, and can then be accessed by the user.
  • Full text index: all words which are not contained in a list of stopwords are entered to this index.

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