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One of the outstanding features of Coimbra is its ability to support a wide variety of different document formats (ranging from plain text files to multimedia documents) and storing extra meta information, which contains information about the contents of each document. Both the meta information and any text in the documents can be indexed and thus retrieved easily.

Coimbra comes with a document viewer which supports the most frequent formats. Thus most documents can be directly displayed within Coimbra. Documents can be easily exported from Coimbra, creating the original document on the local harddisk.


   Literature database

In many situations it is necessary to have fast and reliable access to literature - not only to the references but also to the articles. Using Coimbra you may build up your own private literature database, which gives you instant access to the reference and to the corresponding article. This literature database may be shared within a group, or can be made available even to the whole world (if copyright allows it).

When displaying scanned documents, Coimbra uses anti-aliasing filters which create sharp, easy-to-read images. So the scanned documents are always displayed at the maximum level of readability, even if the user zooms in or out.

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