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Coimbra is available in various versions, which differ only in the number of users per database. The prices are per developer, for multi-developer discounts please contact Epina ( Coimbra can be ordered directly from the Epina Online Shop.
Version Description Price
Evaluation Copy The evaluation copy allows up to 4 users, but is restricted to a maximum number of 300 documents per database. free download here
Personal Edition This version is intended for personal use. You may set up a maximum of two users per database (usually an administrator account and an everyday working account). You are not allowed to publish databases on CDROM using the Personal Edition. Euro 99.00
Class Room Edition Supports a maximum number of 50 users per database. Usually used in class rooms. This license includes the right to create any number of CDROMs for class room use. Euro 349.00
Professional Edition Supports a maximum number of 50 users per database. This version is intended to be used for low volume electronic publishing. The license includes the right to publish a maximum number of 500 CDROMs. Euro 849.00
Corporate Edition This version supports an unlimited number of users and is typically used by large companies. The license includes the right to publish any number of CDROMs. price depends on volume

Please be aware that these prices are per author. For bulk or open licenses please contact

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