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Evaluation Copy of the Development System

Go ahead and test the Coimbra system. A free evaluation copy can be downloaded by clicking the links below. The evaluation copy contains the entire Coimbra package with a license for 4 users and no expiration date. However, the evaluation copy is restricted to a maximum number of 300 documents in the database. Importing more than 300 documents switches the evaluation copy into read-only mode.

Coimbra is available in two versions: for beginners, a demo database containing nice pictures of the earth and the moon is included. Experienced users, who only need the latest update should download the second version which is about 2.6 MB smaller. If you only want to download the Viewer, you can do this from the Coimbra Viewer page.

Download Coimbra including the demo database
The latest release is Version 1.273 - Sep 14, 2004 - 10.1 MB

Available Download Locations:

Download Coimbra without the demo database
The latest release is Version 1.273 - Sep 14, 2004 - 7.8 MB

Available Download Locations:

 Release History

The installation package is a self-extracting file which starts the Coimbra installation. Please follow the instructions of the installation program.

Note 1: Registered customers can update their Coimbra installation by installing the latest evaluation copy. The registration information will be left unchanged by the installation process.

Note 2: If you have already installed a previous copy of Coimbra, you may safely overwrite the existing installation without prior deinstallation.

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