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Teach/Me - Data Analysis

"Teach/Me - Data Analysis" is an interactive electronic Textbook on statistics and data analysis. The product has been published by Springer, Berlin-New York-Tokyo. It contains about 330 pages with approx. 60 embedded interactive examples, a data laboratory, courses, exams and the corresponding designers.

Version Availability Costs
CDROM please visit our Online Shop to order a copy. Euro 40.03
plus shipment costs
Online Test Version A restricted online test version will be available in a few weeks. free
Sample Database This database has been compiled to show the capabilities of Coimbra and is based on parts of the Teach/Me Data Analysis material.

You can
download the installable product (includes a basic Coimbra version - 8.4 MB) or the database only (for users who have Coimbra already installed on their system - 5.1 MB).
Download A full download is currently not available, since the material is too voluminous. n/a

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