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What is Coimbra?

The Coimbra software system is a multimedia document database optimized to create teaching and learning material. Coimbra is an open system based on internet standards enabling the user to provide all kind of materials either on CDROM, within an Intranet, or via the Web. Typical applications of Coimbra range from online textbooks to photo albums, from literature databases to document archives.

Following is a short list of the features of Coimbra:

  • All documents of the database are compressed and encrypted.
  • Extensive tools for database management.
  • Widely configurable multi-viewer supporting a large number of formats.
  • Supporting the joint creation of "books".
  • Publishing both on CDROM and over the Internet.
  • Offline facilities to reduce costs for remote users.
  • Self-configuring courses.
  • Powerful indexing engine supports full-text indexing of material.
  • Support for network based examinations.
  • Textbook with interactive examples.
  • Annotations allowing personal notes to be pinned to any document.
  • Built-in communication facilities, such as email, bulletin board, and chat.

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