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Coimbra offers a wide range of built-in communication facilities:

  • Email: emails may be either exchanged between users of a database, or sent to external recipients. Internal mails are stored in the database to allow later retrieval.
  • Bulletin board: in order to facilitate asynchronous discussions, an unlimited number of bulletin boards may be set up, where users of a data base may post their messages. Bulletin boards can be used as internal news-groups to discuss topics related to the contents of the database.
  • Chat client: for synchronous communication, Coimbra offers a chat client. Users may send messages directly to the PCs of all other users who have entered the chat room.
  • Mass mailer: in many cases an email has to be sent to numerouos recipients. The Coimbra mass mailer is a quick and easy way to reach an unlimited no. of recipients (both internal and external).

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