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Interactive Textbooks

An important feature of Coimbra-based textbooks is the possibility to embed interactive examples in a hyperlinked textbook. This way the student understands complex topics by starting simulations and animations, by playing with parameters and looking at the response of the system (learning by doing). Coimbra not only supports Java programs, but also true executables, and various kinds of animations (Macromedia Director, Authorware, Shockwave, CALDES, movies, ....).

In order to provide fast and easy access to the material presented, the textbook contains an integrated full text search engine. The textbook is stored in HTML format which enables teachers to extend it by incorporating their own material. Thus any textbook created by Coimbra may be used as a basis for specialized lectures which require some additional material.

Users can annotate any page of the textbook. The annotations are automatically tracked according to the user's name.

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