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Supported Formats

The Coimbra database system supports the following file formats by using the proper display component for displaying them on the screen.

AAM, AAS Macromedia Authorware pieces.
AVI Video data. Please note that AVI data are stored uncompressed, by default.
BMP Windows bitmaps. Probably you will not use the BMP format, since this format is uncompressed and consumes a lot of disk space.
C C source code.
CLASS Java classes.
CPP C++ source code.
DCR Macromedia Director applications.
DPR Delphi project sources.
DXF Drawing exchange format (up to version 9.1).
DXR Macromedia Director applications.
EPS Encapsulated PostScript.
EXE Executables. Basically, this can be any executable for the client machine. A better integration of the exe-files can be achieved if the executable has been developed by using the special support package available from Epina (for Borland Delphi or Borland C++Builder).
FOR, FTN FORTAN source code.
GIF GIF images. We recommend to use either the JPG or the PNG format for images.
H, HPP C header files and C++ header files.
HTM, HTML HTML (hypertext markup language) files, version 3.0.
ICO Windows icons.
JPG Pictures conforming to the JPEG standards; the JPG format is best used for photos, it is less suitable for images containing written text.
JZIP Zipped archive containing java classes (.class files).
MID Midi sound files.
MOV Quicktime movies.
MPEG, MPG Mpeg encoded videos. Please note that Mpeg data are stored uncompressed by default.
PAS Pascal source code.
PCD Kodak Photo CD.
PCX Graphic format.
PDF Portable document format (Adobe Acrobat Reader). Note: in order to display PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 4.0 or higher versions have to be installed on your system.
PNG Pictures conforming to the portable network graphics standard. This format is a replacement of the GIF format and should be used if no license for using the LZW algorithm of Unisys is available. The PNG format is a more capable replacement of the GIF format and is free of patents.
RTF Rich text format files.
SWF Macromedia Shockwave and Flash format.
TGA Targa image format.
TIF, TIFF Tag image file format.
TUC CALDES tutorials.
TXT Plain ASCII text files.
WAV Wave files (sound).
WMF Windows meta format.
ZIP Zipped archives.

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