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Sample Databases

  Below you find a collection of textbooks and other Coimbra databases which have been developed either by Epina or by the group of H. Lohninger. Please note that, in general, you need a user account for any of these databases before being able to use it. However, we have put some of these databases into public domain.

Free Products

Product Availability Login & Password
A Trip Into Space
A fascinating collection of pictures and texts on stars, planets, and space crafts.
download database profile public:
login as user "guest" and empty password
read-only access via admin
Sample Photo Database
A database comprised of approx. 80 photos, showing the usage of Coimbra as a photo database.
download database public: you are free to use it in any non-commerical way.
User name: administrator
Password: saliki12
Teach/Me - Data Analysis (excerpt)
Contains an excerpt of Teach/Me Data Analysis (courtesy H. Lohninger, Vienna, and Springer Verlag, Berlin-New York-Tokyo)
download the installable product
(includes a basic Coimbra version - 8.4 MB)

download the database only
(for users who have Coimbra already installed on their system - 5.1 MB)
access information will be given during installation
ASCOS conference proceedings
Coimbra is well suited for presenting conference proceedings
download database profile
(to come soon)
public - no login required


Commercial Products Based on Coimbra

Product Language Availability Login & Password
Teach/Me - Data Analysis
Teach/Me Data Analysis (published by Springer, Germany)
English single user edition available on CDROM
ISBN 3-540-14743-8
Teach/Me - Datenanalyse
Contains the German translation of Teach/Me - Data Analysis
German German single user edition will be available on CDROM in autumn. Austrian higher education instutions may receive a free copy on request. -
Teach/Me - Instrumentelle Analytik
An interactive textbook on intrumental analysis.
German click here for getting access to it free for members of public Austrian schools and universities


On-going University Projects

Product Language Availability Login & Password
Teach/Me - Windows-Programmierung unter Delphi
Lecture notes on "EDV für Chemiker 2 - Windowsprogrammierung unter Delphi" 
German download database profile
(to come soon)
not available to the public
Einführung in die Allgemeine Chemie
This database contains about 3000 pages on general and physical chemistry.
German - not available to the public
Lehrmaterialien zur Umweltanalytik
This database contains about 600 pages on environmental analysis
German - not available to the public
Molecules of Life
This database contains about 400 pages on molecular biology
German - not available to the public


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