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Photo Database

The Coimbra Photo Database is a sample photo album based on the Coimbra database. You can download the database and play with it to see how simple a photo database can be built using Coimbra.

This sample database contains about 80 photos which may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes:

In order to download the photo database please click on the file name at the right. If Coimbra is not yet installed on your system, you have to download and install Coimbra, too. A free evaluation copy can be found here. Sample Photo Database.cpk
7.1 MB
In order to install the photo database start Coimbra and select the command "Attach Database" in the Database Selection Dialog. Thereafter you will be asked to specify an empty directory where the database will be installed. Alternatively, you may use Coimbra/Admin and its command "File/Database/Attach"

After the installation, you can access the database using the following user name and password (required only when working with the development system Coimbra/Admin):
user name: administrator
password: saliki12

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