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Release History

The table below lists the improvements and bug fixes of the last versions. The latest release can be loaded from the download page.

Release New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes

The following release history displays new features, improvements and bug fixes. For the older releases only the new features are summarized, bug fixes and improvements are omitted.

[Sep-14, 2004]
Improvements and Changes:
  • improved help file
  • improved demo database

Bug Fixes:

  • wrong startup page fixed
  • wrong or missing help links
  • many minor bugs fixed
[May-02, 2004]
New Features:
  • Back button allows faster access to previously displayed document
  • Meta Information report tool
  • full text indexing engine now supports OCR texts of images
  • index keywords can now be narrowed by substring search and similarity search
  • multi-server environment now supported by Coimbra Viewer
  • survey map of thumbnail images
  • indexes can now be made publicly available
  • XML support implemented (including XSL style sheets): to be done: automatically recognize XML files (currently they have to be entered in to file association list)
  • redirector document supports the creation of random link targets
  • synchronize documents from external database implemented
  • colored links in scanned documents (TIF)
  • support for Flash 6
  • viewer now supports variants of documents (i.e. different resolutions)
  • demo copy can now be converted into a full version by means of a registration license
  • update capability for local databases introduced
  • glossary component

Improvements and Changes:

  • Link Editor checks now tiff-scaling option upon start-up
  • DocStates extended to allow for pages which are always hidden in demo copies
  • Document States can now be set for all documents of a subset
  • "Split HTML Documents" now stores its parameters in registry
  • Document Selector has now capability to edit the meta information of all documents displayed in selector
  • State Check Listbox now has option to edit comment after closing state editing window
  • Document Selector now keeps selection after reloading its list of docs
  • LRU algorithm implemented in selector

Bug Fixes:

  • "Import Installable Database Package" does no longer crash with "invalid index" message
  • Selector: adding the same selection several times is no longer possible
[Oct-27, 2001]
New Features:
  • Coimbra now displays Excel, WinWord, and PowerPoint documents
  • command "Split HTML Documents" implemented
  • timeline panel as another layout element implemented
  • offliner now allows to install an offline copy from CDROM
  • update of multiple documents is now supported
  • import of documents from external databases now supported
  • installable database packages make it much easier to distribute entire databases
  • Coimbra/Viewer offers now configurable context menu
  • "New Document" allows to create style sheets
  • databases can now be organized in a hierarchical tree
  • support (definition and editor) for categories implemented
  • user annotations provide now global note survey and improved access to them
  • indexes can now be configured by the administrator
  • index may now include synonyms
  • documents can be excluded from indexing process
  • Viewer offers now the possibility to open another database without closing and restarting
[Mar-03, 2001]
New Features:
  • subsets can now be displayed in navigator window of viewer
  • database stores original file size of documents
[Jan-29, 2001]
New Features:
  • new command "Create Modified Copy" allows to create specially configured copies of a database
  • a percentage of the documents can be hidden (for demo versions)
  • additional user type: simple read-only user
  • scan support for TWAIN scanners
  • partial image extraction
[Dec-29, 2000]
New Features:
  • powerful search and replace utility
  • attach new database
  • edit meta information dialog now has capability to copy meta info of other document
  • support of network keys
  • several instances of Coimbra can now be run in parallel
  • scannned images can now be rotated


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