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Cooperative Authoring

Nowadays, working in a team is more important than ever. So it is for writing a book, or for creating teaching and learning material. Coimbra therefore supports cooperative authoring via a network. Authors from any location in the world can work on the same book over Internet (provided the network speed is sufficient).


  • Built-in HTML and text editors allow easy creation of material. In addition, external editors may be attached to Coimbra to allow the users to use their favorite editors and paint programs.
  • Authors may communicate via internal Emails, via a bulletin-board, or via private work pages. A built-in chat client provides direct synchronous communication.
  • A common pool of documents (e.g. pictures and text modules) creates synergies.
  • Subsets allow hierarchical structuring of available documents.
  • Document state flags allow to organize the common work more efficiently. Each document may be assigned up to 32 different states (e.g. 'under construction', 'spelling checked', or 'reviewed by John'). The states can be freely defined by the administrator of the database.
  • Access rights to the documents protect them from being overwritten or changed unintentionally.

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